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Fishing game details#933

For the fishing game turenaments can we get a biom info added in?
For example where it say,

To take part: Simply catch a fish
Fish to catch: Tiny Kitten
Biom: Deep Ocean

Minely needed for the Random Catch and Lucky Catch.
Players dont take part in this due to too much time wasted looking up the info and some of the info is off screen as well.
raiseing up the % chance to catch said fish during this time would also help a lot as well cause it is next to impossible to catch higher grade fish like Legendary during such a short amount of time.

21 days ago

Or use the biome disruption augment

18 days ago

Right, but when a turenament happens your more likely to get the specified fish in its respective biom. Disruption augment only gives a % chance of all fish. It would be more wise not haveing that on your pole when going for a spacific fish, you would just be decreasing your chances of getting it.

18 days ago