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Kingdoms reset#887

I think its time to reset both kingdoms, both of them are dead and ruined.
I think its a good idea to just keep Valhalla the way it is just only reset it and fix the dupes so it won’t be ruined again.
But for Empire I think it wil be cool to see assassin’s gear comming back because its now almost the same as Valhalla and the assassin’s season was clearly a fun to play season and it was not dead in 1 month.

a year ago

Custom enchants are still too OP in Valhalla which ruins the gamemode in my opinion.

a year ago

Empire with assassin
Valhalla custom enchants
Sounds good but a to small playerbase, so one of them will die.

a year ago

Never seen the point on having 2 kd servers. 2020/2021 season did pretty well even with the custom enchants

a year ago